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Craig Siemsen & Patty Stevenson together at last on CD!! Their first duo CD together features originals as well as some of their favorites by other songwriters including Larry Penn, Kate Wolf, Sara Carter, Reilly and Maloney and Brett Kemnitz. The titile of their first CD is One Person.

Patty Stevenson's Clouds on the Mountain cassette-only recording was re-released on CD. This solo piano recording of New Mexico's Gretchen Van Auken's beautiful compositions transforms the magic of the high desert into song. It will also be available through mail order.  
Craig Siemsen's song, "100 Years" from It's About Time and Patty Stevenson's song "Doves and Rainbows" from The One About You are included in a CD compilation project called One Ball of Clay was released Saturday, May 18, 2002. For more information check the Future Gigs section  

Craig Siemsen's song, "Walk On" from his Plum Creek Farmer CD was chosen for the Oasis Sampler CD. Coincidentally, Patty Stevenson's song, "I Will" from her recording, I Will, was chosen for the same Oasis Sampler CD.


Craig Siemsen's latest CD, Plum Creek Farmer is now available. For more information and reviews on all of Craig's recordings click here.

"Patty Stevenson's recording, I Will CD is available" thru mail order, It is also still available through Holt International. This project raised almost $1000 for children waiting for families THANKS!!!!

If you would like to order recordings from Craig or Patty, print the order form found on this web site and send it along with a check to our post office box.
Look for the great new reviews of Plum Creek Farmer and I Will in the recording section! We've added a few sound clips...Look for more in the near future!

To find out where we will be performing click on future gigs. Otherwise, use our menu to browse this site!

Craig's Plum Creek Farmer is also available at:

Barnes & Noble
4935 S. 76, Greenfield, WI
(414) 281-8222

Patty's "I Will" CD's and tapes are available at:
Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, Inc.
6682 W. Greenfield Ave Suite 310, Milwaukee, WI 53214
(414) 475-1246


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